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Furniture for course center in Uganda

In 2020 we trained over 160 healthcare workers & 15 instructors in Uganda using the ERC life-support course formats. We would now like to help our partners to set up their own course center to enable them to independently offer certified courses and train more healthcare workers throughout the country. 

With the project "Advanced Life Support (ALS) Courses in Uganda", AGNF, together with its local partner Makerere University and the ERC (European Resuscitation Council), have trained over 160 healthcare workers and 15 instructors in advanced life support. Our  locally trained instructors will soon be able to conduct ERC certified resuscitation courses completely independently of us. This will establish the uniform and constantly modernized ERC course formats sustainably in Uganda.

We are very pleased that the new local instructors now want to get started with their very own course center! The building is rented, the first courses are planned and the know-how and motivation is there to improve emergency care for patients in Uganda in the long term. The only thing missing is suitable furniture - for this, we are asking for your help!

The building has several course rooms, an office, a kitchen, storage rooms and toilets. In order to be able to operate the course center and expand the range of courses, our project partners urgently need the following furniture:

  • 60 classroom chairs 10 € / each
  • 10 classroom tables € 30 / piece
  • 3 office desks 100 € / piece
  • 4 office chairs 40 € / each
  • 2 office cabinets 50 € / piece
  • 1 entrance table 100 € / piece
  • 1 entrance chair 50 € / piece
  • 5 whiteboard 100 € / piece



Information about the project Advanced Life Support (ALS) Courses in Uganda can be found here.

The Facebook page of the new course center can be found here.




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